Welcome to JDT Images.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting JDT Images.

JDT Images presents images of ordinary subjects that become a little less ordinary once photographed.  The concept behind the images in this site is about seeing something, deciding how to perceive it, and capturing the result on camera at that instant.

Photography comes from  the Greek words, “photo” (light) and “graph” (drawing).  Photographers achieve this “drawing with light” by selecting the subject matter, understanding perspective and composition, deciding timing and distance and, above all, relying on that which lands on everything – light.

Be sure to refer to the About page for additional remarks concerning the images in this collection.

On a desktop or laptop, the image themes are grouped across the bottom of this page. Click a theme and use the scroll bar to view images for that theme. Click an image once to view it in a larger size. If the image becomes too large, click it once again. Click the Back button to select other images and themes.

On a smartphone, use the Menu button on the top left of the display to select the image themes.

I hope you enjoy viewing the Images for Our Times.


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