Private photography web sites abound on the internet, and their numbers increase daily.  There seems to be no limit to the themes, technologies, and tastes available on the expanding universe of web-based photography.  So, how do newcomers to online photography offer something really different and unique from what’s out there?  Well, usually, they don’t!  If you have something truly astounding to show, then your work may stand out but, generally, your images will not set new standards for capturing the world on camera.  Yet, the internet offers photography enthusiasts opportunities to contribute something worth showing even if it’s familiar to most of us but in a different way; something common but photographed as uncommon.  The professional photographer George Lange said it very well: “Photograph something you see, but you’d never think to photograph, or something you feel but you’d never think to photograph” (Popular Photography, September, 2013, p. 72).

My attraction to photography is based on these reasons:

1.  It requires an ongoing learning curve but is still fun.

2.  It takes me to interesting places where I can meet interesting people.

3.  And, most important, it’s very satisfying to show something that people like to see.

The creation of JDT Images is the result of the positive and thoughtful feedback I’ve received from family, friends and fellow members of a local camera club.

Most of the images in JDT Images were captured using Pentax K3 and K5 with Pentax and Sigma lenses.  Some images were taken with a Pentax K01 and a few with a Canon G9, G16, and Nikon S8100.

The only “post-processing” conducted on the images involved some cropping and occasional use of the Windows photo editor.

Stars and Stripes and Stars
Stars and Stripes and Stars

Here’s an image taken by a friend on an iPhone showing me standing next to my four submissions to a recent camera club exhibit at the Norfolk, MA, Public Library.

Thanks and regards to all who visit JDT Images, from Jason D. Traiger, Milford,  Massachusetts.

Norfolk, MA, Exhibit - July, 2013


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