1957 Buick, Milford, MA


Late 1950’s Dodge, Milford, MA


1958 Cadillac, Milford, MA

Tail of '58 Caddy Fleetwood

1950 Plymouth, Milford, MA


Cider wagon, Bolton, MA

Cider Wagon

Pittsfield, MA

Manure wagon, Sanborn Mills, Loudon, N.H.

Blue Wagon

EcoTarium, Worcester, MA


EcoTarium, Worcester, MA

Ready for Boarding, EcoTarium, Worcester, MA

Grist mill, Loudon, NH

grist mill power wheel, Sanborn Mills, NH

Wagon wheel, Sanbornton, N.H.

Wagon Wheel on the Rock - Sanbornton, NH

Pioneer Village, Mitchell, IN


Luray, VA

19th Centrury Carrriage, Lauray, VA

Luray, VA


Emergo Farm, Danville, VT
Barn, Danville, VT

Potter Place Station, Andover, N.H.
8. IMGP9642-af

Wickford, R.I.


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